Drudgery: Building an Injury Case with Paper

Remove the paper. Reallocate your resources. Ramp up your business. Take away the effort of information gathering. Have your client’s case information come to you.

Gosimer provides our clients:

  • Complete health information and accrued costs streamed in near real-time
  • Consolidated view of entire treatment and billing history
  • Records maintained in native electronic format direct from the care provider

Law firms are always looking for a way to be beat their competition. Health information management will be the key. Stream your health data directly into your case and you will be driving a sportscar in a chariot race.

Collecting health information for injury cases requires so much effort from all across the firm. The tragedy is that this same information can be streamed similar to a Facebook or Twitter feed. The Gosimer stream is accurate and timely leading to better settlements, earlier. Take your staff out of the back office and put their skills up front, focusing on the client experience. Don't be the tragic Greek character destined to push a massive rock uphill for eternity. Relieve yourself of that burden.

If you are tired of the paper, why are you doing what you have always done? Stream native best evidence electronically. Get timely access to the entire billing record and treatment plan. Have your teams responding to new information rather than waiting around for old news.

Go Simple. Go Smart.